Drum Circles

Rachel facilitates the BottleWorks Ethnic Arts Center monthly drum circle held at the BottleWorks, 3rd and Chestnut, Cambria City in Johnstown, the first Sunday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Call 814/536-5399 for details.

Rachel is a trained Health Rhythms facilitator out of Windber Medical Center, Windber, Pa. Health Rhythms meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:20 in the Harmony Room at Integrative Health, 4th floor, Medical Arts Building, WMC. For more info on Health Rhythms, please call 814/467-3624.

Workshops Available

Which Side Are You On?
A look at the American Folk song in the Labor Movement and the people using the folk song to tell their story as it pertains to the labor movement in the 20th century. The group will gain a wider knowledge and understanding of the role that folk music may have played, in this particular time period and social movement.

The Power of Song
A guided discussion focusing on how songs were used during the civil rights movement. Participants will explore the use of these songs as a tool to affect change, build community amongst leaders and followers in the movement, and as representative of values such as; freedom, equality, dignity, and respect for all humankind. Statements will be read from prominent participants in the movement and local members of the community will share their experiences in the movement. There will be singing! No musical experience required. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

“Step it Down”
Clapping Games, Ring and Circle Games from African American Traditions.  This is for children of all ages! Participants will discover how body percussion came to be a central focus of African American play games and chants. The group will learn to “Juba” and “Hambone”. The group will also play some ring games from this heritage and learn the context of these lively activities. No musical experience required. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Folk Music Around the World
Participate in songs, chants, circle, rhythm and movement games from the Caribbean, West Africa, Latin America, France, United States, Japan and many other regions of the world. Ages 5 and up.

Focused Performances:

Songs About Women for Women:
A mixture of traditional folk, labor songs, original songs and chants that are about women and their lives. Can be an interactive workshop or a performance

Songs of Solstice, Christmas and the Festival of Lights:
Songs that highlight various traditions and practices from various cultures including
Native American, Catalonian, African American, Russian, Appalachain, Latin American and French.

Song Circle:
Non performance based interactive circle designed to open up participants to the joy in singing songs, chants and participate in gentle movement. No musical experience necessary.

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